Economic growth, a priority for Gujarat election

National Politics

Opposition political parties attacking Gujarat Model of BJP for campaign.

Parties such as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),  Indian National Congress (INC) and  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) are focusing on the economic development of the state for the Gujarat elections.

The voter turnout decreased in the first phase in 2022 as compared to the voter turnout of 2017, said Election Commission of India.

Anshul Avijit, national spokesperson of the INC said, “Our main agenda is economic development.” He added that they are hoping to win more than 100 seats . The focus is more on development of the rural economy of Gujarat.” He further said that the focus of the party is to reduce economic inequality.

“We will help to solve the gross incompetence of the present government during the pandemic,” he added.

Usha Mohan, spokesperson for AAP, said, “We will show results as we have shown in Delhi and Punjab.” She explained that Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi model will help in the development of Gujarat in terms of health and education. “The people can see the results in the economic growth of the state.” The party spokesperson said that they are hoping to become a national party soon, as they have formed government in Punjab and Delhi. After Gujarat, they are hoping to  form the next government in Karnataka as well.

Suresh Nelamangala, a state media panelist of the BJP has said, when it comes to economic development, “India is the only country that has been able to move forward despite the pandemic.”

While Congress has its focus on rural Gujarat, AAP  is confident of winning in areas like Surat and Saurashtra. Nelamangala said that even though they are confident of winning, Saurashtra is the only place they feel they could have competition.

“Congress and BJP are more prominent,” said Nishanti B Arunkar, resident of Gandhinagar, in Gujarat. She believes that the new participant could have done more to get their votes.

Mahesh Pandya, a political analyst from Gujarat, said this election can turn out to be a two-party election between BJP and Congress. He said that for the first time in 15 years, BJP encountered internal problems as 10 party members became independent candidates. “Amit and Modi were big leaders but the party members don’t follow orders now,” said Pandya.

Pandya further added, “Maximum of six seats would belong to AAP.” BJP is the incumbent party in Surat, but Pandya believes they will lose vote share in the region. “AAP can win three seats in Surat and one in Saurastra. Further, they would be able to get two seats in second phase,” said Pandya.

Pandya believed that the Congress’s door-to-door campaign, focusing on corruption and economic development could be successful.

The Gujarat will go into assembly elections in two phases—December 1 and December 5—while the votes will be counted on December 8.