People fake road accidents to extort money

City Crime

In a recent case, a man banged a woman’s car and accused her for the accident.

Lately, Bengaluru has been witnessing several cases where people try to extort money from people by faking accidents. 

In a recent incident reported at the Hosur-Sarjapur Road Layout (HSR) Traffic Police Station, miscreants wearing Swiggyuniform attacked residents at the Doddakanelli Junction after accusing the victim of hitting one of their vehicles. An FIR was registered by the victim.

Sweta Gupta, the victim, tweeted that the attacker suddenly stopped his bike in front of her car and claimed she had rammed his motorcycle.“He started banging my car’s mirror with his helmet. In the meantime, he called other goons who started abusing me and my co-passenger and asked us to open the car’s door,” she added.

The Inspector at the HSR Layout Traffic Police Station said: “We have been receiving at least two-three complaints per month.” Such people often carry out their plans on crowded roads where victims can’t figure out whether an accident occurred or not.

The inspector of the Koramangala police station said such miscreants are usually in their mid-20s. They plan such incidents well in advance. “They mark a target and then stage the accident,” he added.

On November 14, the Siddapura police arrested two people. A man had tried to play the victim card by faking an accident and extorting Rs 15,000 from his victims. DCP South P Krishnakant posted a video of the incident and Bangalore City Police on their Twitter handles. The video shows that the accused, on a bike on a busy road, intentionally hit the victim’s car and extorted money. Following a complaint from the victim, the police seized their bike and the Rs15,000 that the culprits had taken from the victim.

In the same tweet thread, many residents also complained about similar incidents happening to them.