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Number of civilian casualties during the war in Ukraine 2022

By Deepali

Source : Statista

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has verified a total number of  6,595 civilian deaths during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as of November 20, 2022. Among those were, 415 were children and further 10,189 people were reported to have been injured. However, OHCHR specified that the real numbers could be higher.

Top 5 Most Expensive Military Aircraft

By Yogada

The most expensive aircraft is B-2 Spirit bomber owned by America followed by VH-71 Kestrel, Boeing P-8 Poseidon, Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, F-22 Raptor.

India Pakistan history of conflict

By Aanchal

The war of 1965 between India and Pakistan had the highest number of casualties as the Indian army suffered 3,000 battlefield deaths,while Pakistan suffered 3,800.

Number of refugees from Ukraine to Europe during Russia-Ukraine War

By Shireen

Estimated number of Ukrainian refugees from February, 2022 to November, 2022  in other European countries due to the Russia-Ukraine War. Most of the 7.6 million registered refugees in total around Europe fled the war and Ukraine by crossing Poland’s border.

Param Vir Chakra awardees

By Ajay Rag

Param Vir Chakra or the ‘Wheel of Ultimate Brave’ is the highest award given for acts of valour during the times of war. As of now, 21 soldiers have been awarded Param Vir Chakra by the government of India.

Countries with the highest number of of deaths during WW-II

By Shreya Chekkilla

The former Soviet Union had the highest number of deaths during World War-II. There were an estimated 6,00,00,000 deaths world-wide, out of which 1,50,00,000 died on the battlefield. 

Countries with maximum number of nuclear weapons

By Aditi

Source: Worldpopulationreview

Russia has the largest stock of nuclear weapons till 2022. Tsar Bomba (king of bombs) is the most powerful Russian nuclear weapon. It produced the most powerful human made explosion ever recorded.

The Wars and the Deaths Toll

By Janvi Goel

In World War II the world had a major loss of 85 million deaths which happened in 1939- 1945.

Least peaceful countries according to Global Peace Index 

By Sneha SK 

Caption: The Global Peace Index calculates the peacefulness of countries. According to the report, in 2022, Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, and Austria are some of the most peaceful countries while Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Russia, and South Sudan are the least peaceful.

Top eight most expensive wars in history

By Anuja Mistry


The most expensive war in history was World War II with an expense of $4.104 trillion. Followed by World War I with $334 billion.

Vietnam War: United States military expenditure 1964-1975

By Rakshandha

Source: Statista

Expenditure of the United States in the Vietnam war started up with $54.56 USD in 1964 and went high upto $92.08 USD towards its end.

Top 5 Wars from History

 By Navya Sruthi

Source: The History Place

The wars from history show us the development in the weapons used over the years. These are the top five wars of all time.

War Poets and their most famous works

By M.Surabhi

Source- Poetry foundation

English war poet Wilfred Owen is  the most famous poet of World War One, only 5 of his poems were published during his lifetime. After his death,his manuscript’s drafts were brought together and published in two different editions by Siegfried Sassoon with the assistance of Edith Sitwell (in 1920) and Edmund Blunden (in 1931).