Wanted: brides for farmers


Hasiru Prathishtana Trust demands that the government start schemes to encourage women to marry farmers.

Bengaluru: The Hasiru Prathishtana Trust demands an incentive of Rs. 10 lakh from the government for girls in rural areas to encourage them to marry farmers. Girls of the rural economy prefer employed men for marriage, they said. The percentage of the rural girls getting married to people with jobs in urban areas has increased over the years, they said.

Ravi M, 33-years-old farmer said, “I have been looking for alliances from a family that has agricultural background. I want to continue working as a farmer after the marriage.” Ravi says that a girl from agricultural background would let him continue as a farmer.

Kumar K.G, Hasiru Prathishtana Trust President said, “Girls are not willing to marry a farmer due to no income security and fluctuations in the income. Our agenda is to encourage the girls to marry a farmer.”

According to the trust members, if the government provides an incentive to the girls’ families to marry a farmer, then this will encourage youth to continue farming.

“We request the Government to provide an incentive of Rs. 10 lakh to the girl’s families to encourage farming among youth,” said Renukamma, a member of the trust.

Rangaswamy, a 35-year-old farmer said, “Now-a-days rural girls do not prefer getting married to a farmer and the girls from urban areas cannot adapt to the rural environment so it is a task for him to find an alliance.

The families of the girls in villages prefer alliances with those who are employed in urban areas. “Even if the boy earns less than a farmer, the girl and her family would prefer someone from other professions but a farmer,” said the president of the trust.

Ravish Gowda, Director of Janatha Co-operative Bank and a trust member, said, “If the government does not accept our request, then we will create awareness among the people and reach them with our voice.”

Manjunath (name changed), an Environmentalist said, “Schemes like this cannot help the farmers. This is a complex problem and the situation should be analyzed.”The expert said that providing incentives to the bride’s family can be a short-term solution but this can lead to a long-term problem.

He added, “Farmers should be provided with the subsidies and schemes related to electricity, water and transportation.”


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  1. It is very pity to know this.
    We all are depend on formers for our basic need food, but very sad to know society couldn’t able to support them.
    Society have to take it seriously to support our anna daatha

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