Mixed reactions over Egyptian President’s visit next year

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Expert says establishing trade relations might be a reason for the invitation.

Bengaluru, Nov. 28: Indians of Egyptian descent in Bangalore have mixed views on the Egyptian president’s visit as the chief guest of Republic Day celebrations in 2023.

Abdul Rahaman al- Hadad, a third generation Indian, of Egyptian descent  said, “We are happy that he is coming and I hope he learns something from Indian politics as it would be good to use the change of environment and to have some developments in his country.” He added that India is a multi-cultural country and people live in harmony with different culture and kinds of people. He added, “I think the tolerance that we Indians have could reflect upon the Egyptian people and government,”

Nabeel, an Indian businessman, of Egyptian descent said, “Why are they calling some Tom, Dick and Harry? I don’t know why they are inviting him to the programme when India must focus on its internal matters and not the arrival of a dictator.”

Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, the Egyptian president has been invited as the chief guest at India’s Republic Day celebrations 2023. This is the first time that the President of Egypt will be the Chief Guest at the Republic Day celebrations, said the Ministry of External affairs (MEA) on Nov 27th 2023 in a press release.

Prof. Shakti Swaminathan, expert on International Relations and Geopolitics said, “We have always had leaders from developed nations like France, Britain or the US. Now, they are inviting a leaders from the Arab state which I think it’s a good sign given Egypt is one of the biggest economies in the African continent. If India is keen on establishing new relations on par with it rather looking at the richer nations, then it’s a good move,” she says.

This year both the countries celebrated the 75 years of diplomatic relations. India and Egypt enjoy warm and friendly relations based on civilization and deep-rooted  people-to-people ties, stated the MEA.

 “Every country has their own issues and if you look at Egyptians, they are exactly like Indians in many ways, like culture and the developments across the country, I think it’s a good exposure for the president have a look at the sister country and how it is doing.” said, Zakey Abdul Gani, restaurateur, whose ancestors were of Egyptian origin . He also added that he hopes that both countries focus on solving their internal problems and establishing peaceful governments.

Swaminathan added “I do not think India will take the moral high ground on what a country has done or is doing as they have to do what is best for the country to combat inflation and keep the prices low. So, establishing good trade relations could also be a major factor of the invite.” She also said India and Egypt mostly have had only diplomatic relations so this could be the beginning of a solid relationship.