City Market Underpass made accessible


K R Market underpass is not used by citizens because it is not practical.

Police are creating steps from the footpath to the entrance of the pedestrian underpass at at Krishna Rajendra Market (KR Market) today so that people are can use the underpass.

The six underpass are part of SmartCity Project.

Madhusudhan, Traffic Police Constable of City Market Traffic Police Station said, “to make sure that there are no casualties, we are building the stairs on the footpath so that people would be encouraged to use the underpass.” The police was placing stones in the form of stairs so that people would use them to reach the underpass.

People tend to cross the road instead of using the underpass because they do not want to climb on to the footpath to enter the underpass. “The height of the platform to reach the underpass hurts the knees,” said Waigad, a street vendor near the underpass.

Dinesh, a tea seller in the area said “I usually use the road and footpath as the underpass takes more time.”

  • The city market traffic police laid down stairs at the underpass of KR market.

Another traffic constable of the city market said that the underpass remains unused even after we encourage people to use it.

Anusha T C, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at SJB School of Architecture and Planning said, “Apart from Majestic, most of the underpasses in the city remain unutilised.” She added  that the roads in K R Market are narrow and it is easier to cross roads than taking stairs which takes more time. “Skywalks would be a better option compared to underpasses,” said Anusha. 

To  help people use the underpass, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)  also conducted a cleaning drive in the area to clear the passage to the underpass.

An official from the BBMP said “The road is cleaned for the public.” He added that the initiative to add stairs is by traffic police which  will help in  managing the traffic in the market.