Rain halts foot over bridge work at Yeshwanthpur

Bangalore City

The foot over bridge that is being constructed in Yeshwanthpur to connect the railway and metro stations in the area is still incomplete.

After BMRCL finally started work on the Foot Over Bridge (FOB) connecting the Yeshwantpur railway and the metro stations, there was no worker present today atthe construction site.

Yeshwantpur Metro station has been active since March, 2014. For numerous years, many travellers have demanded direct access between Yeshwantpur train and metro stations in order to achieve seamless multimodal integration.

A few regular commuters said that BMRCL should have completed the work eight years ago asit’s very difficult for them to carry luggage from one point to another. They are expecting BMRCL to complete the work soon.

Rajesh Kumar, a daily commuter, said, “I don’t think they will complete the work in stipulated time. The rain will be the major hurdle in their work. “

According to a report, a senior BMRCL official said, “The length of the FOB connecting Yeshwantpur Metro to the railway station (platform no. 6) is expected to be 87.7m and is likely to be completed by January 2023.” .

In addition, Yeshwantpur will get one more FOB.
“We are planning to build a another foot over bridge branching out from Yeshwantpur Metro station to the east side of the railway station with paid and unpaid bifurcation (wherever required). It will be constructed to facilitate seamless connectivity between eastern and western sides of the railway and Metro stations. The FOB across railway tracks will be done by the railways as it falls within its boundaries across seven electrified tracks and six platforms,” said a BMRCL official in the report.

BMRCL on February 14, 2022 awarded the contract for FOBs at six Metro stations to city-based Hombale Constructions and Estates Pvt. Ltd. at a cost of over Rs 12.4 crore.