Gang of minors keeps getting away with crimes

Bangalore City Crime

Juveniles were given bail multiple times due to their age.

 JP Nagar police has arrested a group of four minors in a series of vehicle and mobile thefts. But each time they received bail because of their age.  

So far, the police have seized around 23 vehicles and 12 mobile phones from the accused. “Underage crimes are flooding the city because today’s generation knows the technology too well,” said Sub Inspector Dutta, JP Nagar police station.

Initially, the leader of their gang used to steal bikes like KTM and Hero Honda and sell them in other states like Andhra Pradesh.

 They were inciting violence on people at night by stabbing them in the hand or leg with a knife and taking their valuable things. At night, during patrolling in Tilak Nagar, Bengaluru, JP Nagar police station constables caught him and his friends.

Due to their track record, the gang has been sent to a juvenile detention centre. While they were traveling in a police vehicle towards Juvenile jail, the group tricked the police constables by requesting them to stop the vehicle on Devnadi Road, near Yeshwantpur on pretense of going to a washroom. They attacked the constables with a wooden stick and ran away.

The police informed their authorities about this scene and the group got caught. They are now out on bail again. “The Police can’t take any major action because of their age and that’s the advantage the group is taking”, said the Sub-Inspector.