Shivaram Karanth Layout: House regularization lags behind


A Supreme Court appointed committee is supposed to complete the regularization by December 31, 2022.

The Supreme Court (SC) appointed Justice Chandrashekhar Committee (JCC) has managed to regularize the applications of only 20 percent of the house owners at Shivaram Karanth Layout in 15 months. The deadline for completion of regularization of all the buildings built during 2014-2018 is on December 31, 2022, but out of all the 7161 applications received only 1475 buildings have been approved in past 15 months.

Dr ST Ramesh a member of JCC said, “We started working 15 months back. When we started none of us thought we would reach this stage where we are sitting comfortably with full data of 1475 buildings approved. We continue to send 200-300 applications depending upon how much we can adjudicate in a day. The work we did so far  a track record which makes us believe we can achieve the target [sic.].”

Justice A V Chandrashekar said, “It is very hard to clear all the applications as we have to issue Regularization Certificates (RC) to all these buildings because RCs are customized, unique to the individual applicant. It  states the dimension etc. It’s not a common thing that we can issue in a  mass basis. The applicant needs to submit documents like electricity bills, sale deeds etc. we then verify them   and then  check if they are eligible.”

Chandrashekar said that JCC is responsible for indentifying all the buildings that come under Dr. Shivaram Karnth Layout. The committee has categorized them into three groups: pre 2014, 2014-2018 and post 2018.

 “We had setup help desk in glass house. There were both physical and online help desk. The committee has now stopped accepting any applications. The applications are now being scrutinized. The JCC has approved regularization of the 1475 buildings in 17 villages of Dr. Shivaram Karanth Layout through SMS,” added Chandrashekar.

There is also provision for applications that come under post 2018 category. Jayakar Jerome, a member of JCC committee explained, We   accepted the application  falling under the category of post 2018. We will look after them, then send it to SC along with the reason we are sending them. We send SC the report which is categorized either as  with approval of competent authority and with approval of non competent authority.”

Along with this the SC has passed another order on March 31 2022. As per this order BDA is supposed to allot 150 acres of land in Dr. Shivaram Karnth Layout under Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Ltd, Karnataka to construct houses for economically weaker sections of the society. The JCC will supervise this allotment.