Interactive museums, not so anymore

Arts & Culture Bangalore

With cultural shows moving online amidst the speculation of a third wave, interactive museums lose their edge.

Interactive museums in the city have moved their cultural events online, taking away their unique selling point of interactions and self-learning.

Anusha, an employee at Indian Music Experience (IMC) said, “Based on the new Covid-19 guidelines, our unique tour has moved online. We have witnessed a drop in the number of participants from approximately 300 to 198. The interactiveness of the museum attracted the audience but since shows are happening online , it is no longer an advantage.”

Sunuka Panika, a security guard at IMC said that many people used to visit the museum before. “We used to have at least 300 people visit everyday but now we hardly see 30–40 people,” he said.

Interactivity in a museum attracts the audience and keeps them hooked. It can enhance the experience and build a positive environment, states a study by ResearchGate.

  • Interactivity at museums a sales and a self-learning pitch

Sridhar S, manager said, “Our main aim is engagement with the general public. The museum’s interactiveness definitely gives us an advantage; however, our business has dropped by 50 percent. This is mainly due to a revision in guidelines on cultural events.”

People are so used to being home and attending online events, that they are tired of being stuck inside. Experiencing an event online is very different from an offline event. The impact that an in-person event has on its audience and the performer is lost in this process, he added.

Swetcha, a museum enthusiast, said, “The idea of interactive museums is very interesting. If cultural events such as these are moved online, there is no learning experience. You only gain exposure when you are out there and meddle with things.”

Raof Mir, culture professor said, “Involvement is constructively more in offline events and presence is the main characteristic here. When art is mechanically reproduced, the aura vanishes. Different forms of art in different ages have gone through technological advances which challenged and eventually liberated them. Organising cultural events online deconstructs the idea of purity.”

IMC is India’s first interactive music museum located in Bengaluru. It highlights the journey of Indian classical music including Hindustani, Carnatic and other genres like Indie rock and Jazz in Indian cinema.