Schools to file cheating cases against parents for unpaid fees


Schools say they won’t issue transfer certificates until they get an order from the Supreme Court.

The Associated Management of primary and secondary schools in Karnataka (KAMS) has decided to file a cheating case against the parents who haven’t paid the due fee and are demanding for transfer certificates.

D Shashikumar, general secretary of KAMS said, “Even before the pandemic, lakhs of children were studying in the schools for the last two to three years without fees. They change the school rather than paying the due fees.  We won’t issue any Transfer Certificate until we get an order from Supreme Court.”

H K Gowdaiah,vice president of Voice of Parents Association Karnataka said, “That’s good, if they (KAMS) lodge the complaint, this  will help the parents to prove the real cheaters.”

On Nov 24, 2021, Karnataka High Court ordered the private schools to issue transfer Certificates to parents who want to transfer their children to another school, within a week. If the schools fail to do so, actions will be taken against them under the Karnataka Education Act 1983.

Many parents are transferring their children to government schools because of financial instability during the pandemic. The annual status of Education Report (ASER- rural) suggests that there has been a rise of 8.3 percent in the enrolment of children in government schools.

Anandkumar S, a parent said, “The school doesn’t respond to TC request. I followed up multiple times and I also provided the order copy over mail. But they are not responding.”

Lata H M, principal of Christ the King School said, “It’s difficult to get in touch with parents once the student leaves the school. The parents can pay the fee at least in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI). But, many of them leave the city or don’t pick up our calls.”

On Nov 14, 2021, Karnataka High Court gave an order to private schools to collect only 85 percent of the fee for the academic year 2020-21. Those schools that have already collected the fee were directed to either refund the additional amount or manage the amount in the fee for the ongoing academic year 2021-22.

Margoob, a parent said, “My son was denied online class for eight months. Still, the school is asking for full payment of fees. I even paid Rs. 24,000 as a late payment fee.

The Voice of Parents Association dared the schools to file cases against them in a tweet saying they would have done the same. The tweet said, Please file cases. We also want same. School managements will be forced to file affidavits in court on how fee slabs were finalised.”