Most pharmacists in Mulund ignore the Covid-19 protocol

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Seven out of ten pharmacists were caught without a mask in Mulund. Experts say that this may increase the risk of spreading Covid-19.

Mumbai: Seven out of ten medicine suppliers in Mulund West were not adhering to the COVID-19 protocols. Video recordings revealed that seven medicine suppliers and one cashier were found without a mask in Mulund, Mumbai. “It becomes very difficult to wear a  mask the whole day while providing services to patients. We also need to find medicines stashed in all corners of the pharmacy for which we have to keep moving around. This is not a desk job,”  an employee of Krishna Pharmacy said.

Dr. Thakkar, chest physician said, “If health workers are not wearing masks it makes them more susceptible as well as carriers of the virus. It’s bad for them as well as for the people whom they come in contact with.” 

A World Health Organisation research shows that health workers are responsible for 10 percent of the spread of coronavirus.. Hiramongi Navneet hospital’s cashier was found without a mask while working at the counter., The hospital administration said, “Proper training is given to all the employees and everyone is aware of the risk of not wearing a mask.” The cashier said, “Wearing a mask throughout the day is very difficult. I have a breathing problem which worsens  if I wear a mask the whole day.”

Recently, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) collected Rs. 3.4 crore in fines from citizens who were not wearing a mask. BMC’s T ward Health officer said, “Wearing a mask is the basic duty of every citizen. Our health officers are closely monitoring the situation in Mulund and necessary action will be taken if anyone is found guilty.”

Mangesh Kadam, a customer at a pharmacy said, “It’s risky for us as well as for them. It’s their responsibility to wear a mask. We can’t ask them repeatedly. I am taking precautions for my safety.”

An employee of Davayian Pharmacy said, “We stand the whole day and work to ensure other people’s good health. We are putting our lives at risk and coming to work for money. Standing full day wearing a mask and supplying the medicine is not as easy as it seems. But from now onwards we will definitely follow the protocol.”

“Health officers in BMC’s T ward already have a lot of work. It should become a habit among the health workers and the people to wear masks,” Dr. Thakkar added.


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