Confusion around booster shots

City Covid-19 Health

Everyone wants it, but no one knows how effective it is.  

Public and expert opinion on booster shots for Covid is divided.

Dr. Sumitra, medical superintendent, H. Siddaiah, Referral Hospital, said that if the government decides to administer another dose of vaccination, they may receive it. “I am okay with two shots of vaccination for now,” she added.

Dr. Tejas Babu, Jr. MS, Victoria Hospital, said, ” I feel that there is a need to take a booster shot, given the fact that we are exposed to so many people, front-line workers should be given one.”However, how effective the booster shot would be is not known, he added.

Dr. NK Arora, India’s COVID-19 Task Force Chairman said that additional and booster doses of Covid-19 will be made available to the public in next two weeks by National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) of India.

A few interns at the KC General Hospital in Bangalore were doubtful about the booster shots. One of the interns who didn’t disclose his name said, “I have no idea about any booster shots.”

Policemen from the Adugodi branch were surprised and look forward to taking the booster jab if the government is planning for it.

Girish K.V.  policeman from Adugodi  said, “we would want one as soon as the government starts with the vaccinations drives.”

Dr. Ishwar Gilada, an expert said that it has been almost a year since the first jab was give, “It is important for the front-line workers to take immunity booster shots now as they have been working full time. No workers life should be at risk. It’s better if we stay prepared.”

Rajnath, Public Specialist, of Victoria Hospital, said that there is a clear instruction to not give any booster shots by the Karnataka Government. “As of now, the available vacancies are sufficient to give the two shots.”

 But booster shots are necessary because after six-eight months of vaccination, the immunity starts to drop, he added.      

Decisions about whether booster shots will be given to the front-line workers or not is yet to be decided by the department of health and family welfare. However, discussion has started.