Massive raid, but only 20 grams of ganja

Bangalore Crime

The CCB conducted a massive raid but found just few grams of ganja.

The Central Crime Branch raided Parappana Agrahara Central Prison today, only to find 10 chillums and 20 grams of ganja. This is the second raid in five months. It happened at 6:00 a.m. today.

T.P. Shivkumar, SP of Prisons, said this was a routine check. “Prison raids are under the jurisdiction of the CCB; they conduct them  randomly,” he said.

He added that while they check for contraband and drugs before admitting people to prisons, it is still common to find stashes in such raids. “There are ways of smuggling drugs in. One time, a prisoner had his friends throw  marijuana from outside in a cricket ball,” he said.

The last raid took place on July 10, 2021. B.S. Angadi, the Deputy Commissioner of Crime-II, said that while they did not receive a tip-off, they make it a point to routinely check any suspicious place. “We received orders from the Commissioner last night and conducted the raid. Two prisoners were found in possession of the stash,” he said.

The Joint Commissioner of the CCB, Sandeep Patil, said that FIRs have been registered against the two prisoners who had packets of weed and joints.

In spite of several Supreme Court directives, prisons are the site of many human rights violations, said lawyer and human rights activist Sanam Singh. “Drugs are bad enough on the street. The fact that they are found in prison, where conditions are already terrible, shows the inefficiency of the authorities in making prisons a place of rehabilitation,” she said.