Tender Coconut sellers face loss amid the pandemic

Business Pandemic

Thanjavur’s tender coconut sellers struggle to keep  their business afloat in lockdown

Thanjavur: R. Kannan’s shop is located near the Thanjavur Big Temple; he is now facing financial loss because his tender coconut business has come down to 50 percent after the lockdown was imposed. “We get a lot of customers as it’s near the Thanjavur  temple, but the pandemic has reduced our business.”

Another seller Sushila used to earn Rs. 2000 per day before the pandemic, now, due to restrictions and people’s hesitancy to step outside, earns only Rs. 500 per day. “We can’t sell if there are no people outside,” she said

“The reason  consumers  don’t come outside is because of the fear of getting the Covid 19 virus. And also not all people have money to spend,” said Maheswaran, a Business Management professor, St. Joseph’s College, Trichy. 

A seller, Darmaraj said that during the summer season,  he sells around 50 tender coconuts in a day, but it has now reduced to 30 a day. “But few customers are still  buying tender coconut and saving us  from the effects of lockdown,” he added.

Senthil Kumar, a customer, who bought five tender coconuts said, “I can’t buy the coconuts tomorrow because of the lockdown so I am buying them now.” He said he prefers coconut water in the summer season because of the electrolytes present in it. 

Chief Minister M.K Stalin permitted all shops to stay open till 9 pm on May 22 and May 23 because of the lockdown being imposed again from May 24 to May 31

“In a lockdown, the sellers should adapt themselves to sell vegetables for time being as it is permitted,” said professor Maheswaran.