Dance academies suffer due to lockdown

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Since the time of the first wave of Covid-19, dance schools have been suffering losses and due to the second wave,the school owners might  have to shut down academies.

Warangal: Due to Covid-19, dance schools and academies in Warangal and Hyderabad are suffering losses. These dance schools had opened for a while, between the first and second wave,however, the students enrolled are much fewer than compared to before, due to the fear of pandemic. 

Prathap Reddy who lives in Hyderabad, has been running a small dance school for seven years now. He said that if this continues, he may have to completely close the school. “I am paying rent for the dance school every month without any earning. I can’t do it anymore.”

“We have a dance school academy and gym, but we closed both of them due to Covid-19. I used to survive on the income from them, but now both are closed. As a result, I am facing financial constraints. I do not even have the money to pay the monthly rent,” said Justin, who has been running one of the popular dance schools, Spring Dance Academy in Warangal.

However, big dance schools have been holding classes online. Yet they say that it is not so effective.. 

Prashanth, who runs Master Prashanth Dance Academy in Hanamkonda said that they informed regular customers that they are conducting online classes due to the second wave of lockdown. But now even regular customers are not registering for online classes. “If this happens, we will have to  close the dance school ,” he said.

Shekar, who lives in Warangal, said that  he is scared to send their children to dance schools because they are worried that their children may be affected by Covid-19.

Sandeep, an actor who lives in Hyderabad, has been running a dance academy named Sandeep Steps Dance Academy said that due to the pandemic, dance schools across the city have been affected.  There are more chances that students might  experience breathing problems due to wearing masks while dancing.  “Some run online classes to make money and earn for their families, but due to less participants they are still struggling to make money,” he said.

Kumaraswamy, an economics professor in Deshiya Vidyashala College Arts and Science College, Shivamogga said that due to the impact of pandemic and lockdown, most of the businesses were closed down and all dance school owners across the country are experiencing this situation. “If you want to save the people you have to sacrifice the economy,” he said.