‘Restriction on petrol may help reduce traffic’


Petrol bunk owners feel that reduction in bunk timings will also help their staff. 

Thanjavur: Restrictions on petrol bunks will help to reduce the spread of Covid-19, says police. 

Police officer Aya Pillai who is patrolling the Sengipatti area and controlling unnecessary vehicular movement there said, “Placing restrictions on petrol bunks will definitely reduce movement of the vehicles and also will help in reducing the spreading of infections.”

The police have taken action against people who have violated the lockdown norms. From May 14 till May 23 2021 in Chennai , the police have registered 25,326 cases and impounded 27,911 vehicles for violating the Covid-19 norms. 

On May 23, the Tamil Nadu Petrol Bunks Association requested the state government to allow petrol bunks to function from 6.00 am to 12.00 pm only to reduce the unnecessary vehicular movement on the road. . 

K.P. Murali, president of the Tamil Nadu Petrol Bunk Association said that restricting the petrol bunks to noon will reduce unnecessary vehicular movements and would help in reducing the spread of the virus. 

However, Health inspector Ponram said that the reason for not restricting timings on petrol bunks is because the government permitted movement of goods inside the state. “But we can’t say that restrictions on petrol bunks will definitely reduce the spreading of the virus. There has been a study going on about these after that only we know for certain,” he added. 

Mukhil, a farmer, said that petrol bunks should be open at all times because it is safe and necessary to do so during this time.

K.P. Murali said that currently petrol bunks operate at three different times. One is open for 24 hours. The other two close at 10 pm and 12 am respectively.

“Petrol bunk staff is also vulnerable and some are hesitant to come to work so these restrictions will help them also,” K P Murali added.

On May 08, when the government announced  lockdown,  more than 10,000 police  personnels were deployed and 200 checkpoints were set up to ensure the enforcement of the lockdown in Chennai, a senior police officer said. 

Later on May 14, the government made the lockdown stricter (link, please) by making e-registration mandatory for all those entering into the state as well as for inter-and intra-district travel. Moreover, the government limited (would be better if you have the official government order) the shop’s timings to sell provisions, groceries, and meat from noon to 10.00 am. 

“From the afternoon, the petrol bunks should be open only for emergency purposes with limited staff,” K.P Murali suggested. 


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