Warangal farmers face crisis due to lack of funds


Since 2016, no farmer in the Warangal district has received crop loss funds from the Telangana government. 

Warangal: Farmers across Warangal district have not received crop loss funds from the Telangana government for the last four years. Around 17 lakh acres of crops were drastically damaged in 2020 due to recent rains in Telangana. 

However, the Telangana government has not responded to this problem and no farmer has received crop loss funds from the Telangana government. 

Farmers in Warangal said that for four years the Telangana government has not given any funds to support them even as crops are being destroyed by rains every year.

A report shows over 185,040  crops were damaged this year. “We are waiting for the Telangana government to release funds to crop loss farmers in Warangal,but no farmer in Warangal has received the government funds yet,” said Sridhar, AO Technical for Warangal (Rural and Urban) district.

A few farmers in Hasanparthy, Warangal said that they lost acres of crops due to unexpected heavy rains this year. Field officers checked some of the farms, but so far there has been no response from anyone. “We cultivated paddy and cotton as per Telangana’s Rythu Bandhu scheme but no officer responded after we lost acres of our paddy and cotton crops. Till now we have not received any funds from the Telangana government,” said farmers in Hasanparthy Mandal. 

Kranthi, AEO of Hasanparthy said that most farmers have asked for funds because of the crop loss but no one has received any yet. “Around 1400 acres of paddy and about 200 acres of cotton were lost due to recent heavy rains in Hasanparthy. However, we did not get any crop loss funds from the Telangana government to support farmers in this Mandal. The government must respond over this problem,” he said.

K. Damodar Reddy, Assistant Director of Agriculture for Warangal district said, “Funds for crop damages have not come to the farmers for many years and the matter is that the Telangana government does not have the funds to give to the farmers. So, we are also waiting for the funds, we will distribute them to the farmers whenever the government gives us the funds.”

Thanuj Kumar, Technical assistant in the National Food Security Mission scheme said, “The Telangana government has stopped giving funds to farmers who have lost their crops since 2016.”Due to the non-funding farmers are changing their crops from paddy and cotton to Bengal gram and Groundnut which are unaffected by rains.