Smart Agriculture is The New Way

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The key development helps farmers effectively yield their crops.

Over the years, the ways of irrigation have been the same. The process has been slow and there has been less variety of seeds. However, scientists around the world have come up with new ways to develop the agricultural sector.

New methods are being introduced to make agriculture possible in places where the temperature is either too low or too high. The use of antitranspirant(to reduce water loss), absorbent(to increase absorption of essential minerals and water), osmoprotectant (to protect the plant from harsh atmospheric conditions), are some of the ways to grow plants.

Priyankar Raha, the head of the Department of Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry from Banaras Hindu University says, “Smart agriculture is a new way. For example, if the temperature is too high, the plant will lose moisture. This will increase the transpiration rate of the plant body. The crop will die of dryness. If we use anti-transparent, it will bring the moisture back. There are both natural as well artificial products which are being developed.”

Raha also mentions that various varieties of one seed are being developed. Maize, wheat and other seeds are being worked on to bring in more yields. Another way to grow small plants is to grow them in an earthen pot where one makes a hole in the base and connects a thick string from the base to another pot of water. The plant gets the water through that string in a lesser amount, but it suffices.

Other techniques include mulching where the entire farmland is covered with polythene (a plastic sheet). When the plants are watered, the water does not get evaporated due to the cover.