Women staff of Victoria Hospital in Trauma


City’s major hospital fails to provide any safety support system to its women staff.

Neetu Saini

Around 30 women working in the Trauma Care and Emergency Centre of Victoria Hospital have written letters to the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institution (BMCRI) administration, complaining against the misbehaviour of Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Madhusudan Ramdas.

Dr. Balaji, Special Officer said, “The complainants—include doctors, pharmacist, technical staff, group D workers, attendees and nurses.”

The special officer informed that this misbehaviour by the CMO has continued for the past three years now. Several letters have been sent and a request to build a standard support system for the safety of doctors has been made to the BMCRI, we are waiting for the administration to look into the matter.”

BMRCI is asked to submit a proper report of the incident that happened in order to take action against the accused CMO, in a meeting headed by Principal Secretary and Chief Secretary.

The issue came to light when the CMO verbally harassed and used foul language at a female Health and Family Welfare Department (HFWD) official in a meeting on November 21, 2019. Soon the verbal argument heated up and led to a scuffle. Eventually, the police had to intervene.

“We have been patient for a long time, and we have tried everything in our capacity to handle it on the ground level, but this misconduct in the hospital against other doctors needs a serious approach,” said Dr. Pai. Threats and verbal abuse have undermined the confidence of the worker in the hospital authorities, he added.

“It’s about women safety and this issue won’t be put to rest now. It’s time to acknowledge the grievances of the doctors’ too.” said a female staff from the hospital.

A harassment case was lodged by the Trauma Centre Special officer against the CMO at VV Puram police station.

Senior inspector Shiv Shankar told The Softcopy that an apology was issued by CMO Ramdas to the police regarding this misbehaviour. “We have looked into the matter and have warned the CMO not to resort to such kind of behaviour against the hospital staff. He was informed that next time if anything like this happens, he will have to bear the responsibility and legal action will be taken against him,” he added.

“C.R. Jayanthi, dean and director of BMCRI said that a review team would look into the matter.“I will have to meet the staff in person as I can’t take any decision suo motto, only then can we come up with a solution and provide full security. We have received many complaints in the past months, and such behaviour by doctors is unacceptable. A review team is set who will look into the matter keenly,” she added.