Over 3L drivers fined for no uniform


Transport drivers ignoring the uniform law are in lakhs every year. Under Motor vehicle (Amendment) Bill, 2019 the fine is to be increased.

Labani Mahanandy

A large number of Bangalore transport drivers are violating the rule about wearing uniform on duty. Nearly four lakh drivers were fined for the uniform law violation last year.  The number of cases of uniform law violation has reached nearly 1.5 lakh by June this year.

Data provided by the Traffic Management Centre, Bangalore shows that the number of cases registered for uniform law violation is around three  to four lakhs in the previous years. In 2017 the number of cases registered were 3,53,724 which rose to 3,98,975 in 2018 which is an 11 per cent increase, approximately.

The Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 states that any driver on duty, should wear a uniform of a khaki bush coat and khaki trousers as they need to be recognized in public and anyone caught not wearing a uniform shall be fined Rs. 100. Now in the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 which is to come into effect from September 1, 2019 the fine will be Rs. 1000. Sub-Inspector Anita said, “The fine is now Rs. 1000 which will be implemented from September. It is Rs. 100 until now.”

The drivers find it “too much of work” to wear the uniform every day. A cab driver named Vainatheya  K said, “who’ll wear that for the whole day! We keep it and wear it in the areas where the police is active.”

Drivers near Kumbalgudu have other reason for not wearing the uniform. The police in the Kumbalgudu area are local residents, so they don’t catch them. An auto driver from Kumbalgudu named  Rama said, “the police officers are the local of the area. So everything is adjusted with them….now they don’t ask for the uniform….we wear it when we go to the city.”

Traffic management expert Mr. M.N. Srihari  said, “The authority of the online cab booking organization should be accountable for this and the RTO and the Traffic police department should  be stricter with fine amount if the offence is committed more than once.”


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  1. Firstly, story idea is just amazing…. it’s now-a-days burning issue. Just because of some irresponsible people the the laws and orders are being violated. Thanks to all of you for setting focus on such an issue.
    And secondly, on the first milestone you guys have done a great job….will be waiting for the next story….much good wishes and support.

  2. Yeah ! All drivers should wear their uniform on duty. From this they should learn their lesson and not to do this again in future otherwise the amount will be 1000 .

  3. Not only auto drivers, my point of view I deem each and every transportation drivers have individual vestments in our country. I support the author and you create a good point about this.

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