Three drug peddlers arrested in Bangalore

Bangalore City Crime

Two of the drug peddlers are from South Sudan;  arrested with 1.15 kg canabbis.

Yumna Ahmed

K.G Halli police station arrested three drug peddlers on Tuesday morning, among them two were from South Sudan.

People arrested in drug peddling case have been sent to Central Jail, Bangalore for illegally peddling drugs. The investigation is still in progress, told the investigating officer to the Softcopy.

Ajay Sarthi, an investigating officer of K.G Halli police station said, “We have arrested them and they are under judicial custody. We have also informed the Sudan embassy and they are looking into this matter. FIR has been filed against them and presently they are in Central Jail, Bangalore. We have seized 1.15 kg of cannabis from them.”

 In 2019, the cases of drug peddling have increased. Five cases were registered in Bangalore cantonment police station and two in K.G Halli police station;  Cauveri Bhavan court is looking into the matter. The people are behind bars under the NDPS ACT (Narcotics, drug prevention act).

The investigative officer said that they have sent a copy to the higher authority to pass the case further. They have also mailed the Sudan authority and they have sent it to the embassy.

Art of living dedication center said that they get four to five drug addict cases in a monthand they treat the patients accordingly.

Vijay, the founder of AF Charitable trust, a rehabilitation center said, “The situation varies from person to person and three to four cases come every-day. We give treatment according to the level of seriousness of the patients. Patients go for counseling, regular checkup, and medication.”

Dr. Shashidhar S Bilagi, a Consultant Psychiatrist said, “This is common in Bangalore;youngsters are addicted and dependent on cannabis. Cannabis is easily available to school and college-going kids, so they are attracted to it. The level of need for cannabis increases because of two reasons: one is because they think they get a high kick from it and secondly half knowledge about benefits of cannabis in medical areas.  Schizophrenia is caused due to high dose of drugs. They should be sent to rehabilitation center for treatment.”