Skill India only on Papers

Bangalore City Technology

About 68,000 people are yet to be provided training in Media and Entertainment. Till date not a single student has benefited from the scheme.

By Abhinav Kumar

Kaushal Vikas Yojana is yet to be implemented. Students at the Bangalore Tech Summit 2019 told The Softcopy that they have not received any benefit from the scheme.

A student at the Bangalore Tech Summit, Suman Nath said, “I have interest in Visual effects (VFX). I have enquired about this course but none of the institutes in Bangalore is registered under the Karnataka skill development course.”

Under 2017 Skill Development Scheme of Karnataka, media and entertainment course was introduced in 2017 but till date no aspirant has under gone the training.

The skill development and entrepreneurship and livelihood seminar was held today where aspiring students wanted to avail the opportunity.

Hemant V, a teacher in Karnataka German Technical Training Institute (KGTTI), said, “There is no such course right now in my knowledge,  but I think it will be added in future as we are going to provide technical knowledge to students. ”

Skill development refers to the identification of skill gaps and developing the existing skills to enable a person to achieve his/her desired job. The current generation lacks the necessary skills and there is a humongous gap between the skills existing in a person and the skills demanded by the industry.

A youtuber, Aanu V, who is keen on learning VFX but cannot afford private institutions says, “All the schemes are on paper. I have never heard of an institution teaching VFX skills in partnership with government.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Krthru Girish director, Omm Production told The Softcopy that as far as he knows no such course by skill development centre has been implemented in Bangalore.

Dr.S.Selva of Department of Skills Development Entrepreneurship and Livelihood said, “We are working and approaching different institutions for VFX, Gaming and film technical courses, now we are considering developing youth skill in all manner that helps them to get a job.”