KSRTC fails to take care of the passenger’s safety

Bangalore City

The Door Frame Metal Detectors of the KSRTC Majestic Bus stand has not been replaced even after one year of damage.

By Apoorva GS

The Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMD) were damaged in KSRTC bus stand but there was no signs of replacement of it even after a year. Since then, the Hand Held Metal Detectors are being used in the bus stand. 

“Most of the overcrowded places in the city like metro, shopping malls, railway stations, and hotels have got these DFMD but the Majestic bus stand does not have it. This is a very irresponsible attitude shown by KSRTC authority as well as the Karnataka Government,” said Preeti Das.

Inayath Bhagban, the divisional controller in  KSRTC, said, “Initially the bus stand had only five  entries and exit gates but in January 2012 a contract to construct majestic metro station was given to Coastal- GYT Joint Venture at a cost of Rs272 crore. A part of KSRTC Bus stand’s land was given for this project. Since then the maintenance of the bus station became a tough job. We are looking forward to renovate the bus stand in order to take the crowd under control.”

The Deputy Chief Security and Visualance Office states that  the usual population in bus stands is more than 80,000 on regular basis. But during festivals it reaches between 1, 00,000 to 150,000

“These days, Bengaluru is getting many terror threats. The city has developed a lot from past three decades more and more people are coming to work in Bengaluru. At the same time under world activities have also increased in the city. So, it is important for the government to take all the safety measures in overcrowded places like bus stands before it is too late.” said P. Srinivas, the director of United Infra Security Services.