Former Congress MLA Tanveer Sait is out of danger

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By Sheikh Saquib

Tanveer Sait, former minister and congress MLA, who was attacked by a man with a knife at a wedding ceremony in Mysuru on Sunday night, is now out of danger. He is still under observation at the Intensive Care Unit in Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru.

The SoftCopy spoke to Farhan, assistant manager at Columbia Asia Hospital. He said, “Tanveer Sait was brought at 11:35 pm on November 17. He was immediately looked after by multiple dispensary doctors. The blood vessels were severely damaged; he had injuries around his neck. Bleeding has stopped for now, but he is still in ICU.”

As the news spread, thousands of people started gathering in front of the hospital, since then security has been beefed up.
The video of the attack has gone viral on the social media. Tanveer Sait can be seen holding his neck while walking to his car. The blood oozing from his neck can be seen all over his clothes. The video is 30 second long.
Another video of the attacker is available online, where the accused is seen carrying a sharp object inching close to congress MLA.

The accused is identified as Farhaan Pasha (25). He has been interrogated by Mysuru City Police. He is under arrest at the NR Mohalla Police Station in Mysuru.

He is said to have attacked Tanveer Sait because he was unhappy with him.
Police are not accepting the reason given by the accused for the attack.The police say that it looks like an organised crime. They are forming a special team to investigate the case.