Corporates Unhappy With Their Lives

Bangalore Health

Around 60% of the employees in the corporate sector are not happy with their jobs.

By Esther Esha

Bangalore, April 11, 2019

It is estimated that some  60% of the employees in the corporate sector are not happy with the jobs says educationalist Pradeep.

“Most of them are outsourced who work according to the shifts and timings of the clients’ requirement. This impacts health and effects our personal life. I have been working in the corporate companies for two years and most of the time cater to the US requirement”, he added.

“Generally people who work on night shifts are prone to depression and insomnia. Even my girlfriend broke up with me as I was unable to give her enough time, as I had lots of work pressure,” said Avisheik Mukerjee, an employee from a multinational e-commerce company.

“I have worked a year for a multinational company (MNCs). I could not bear the shifts. My night shifts were horrible. Although I did get two days off,  Saturday and Sunday,  I was sleep deprived. My shifts kept changing twice a week. I started to feel sick.

“My shift was from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. After I got home the only thing I did was sleep. I could not talk to my family members. I lost my social life. After I quit, I started my own business of event management. Now, I am happy that I don’t have to do various shifts and spoil my health,” said Gloria Sinai.

“We have a lot of work pressure and will be pressurized continually to meet day to day targets, it is the same never-ending job. People work like robots just to get their needs met. On the other hand, we have opportunities to grow and get to the next level.

However, there are politics and we will have to impress people around us to get to a good stage which very common in MNCs. If the person is really interested in the work, then they would be able to cope with all these things, said Catherine Priyanka, another corporate employee.

Dr Adi Narayana said that the issues with corporate life would be the quality and quantity of sleep that the employees get. A few choose to work extra hours for extra pay and this would affect their health. All most all the corporate companies use computers to work on. They should make sure to exercise or take a five-minute walk from their desk that will reduce backaches.

He added that there are a few companies that give weekend off which is good. I have seen people who do not get to spend time with their loved ones as they rest the entire day. A few feel lethargic, a few are not satisfied with the salary they are getting paid with the amount of work they have been given.