Instagram Buzz for Silver Jewellery

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Silver never lost its shine and the business running on Instagram for silver jewellery selling is booming

By Surbhi Jain

Bengaluru, April 10, 2019

According to Vishal Jain, who owns an Instagram online shop named Nakoda Silver, “People now prefer silver jewellery a lot, especially youngsters. The overall sale is good.”

He also added, “We do the sale of silver jewellery over the world and have got huge customers from the USA and U.K mostly. The craze is amazing.”

Vishal owns shops in Malleshwaram and Nagarthpet but he told that the online market is good.

World of Pallete is another Instagram jewellery stop. The owner says, “A market is a crazy place on Instagram. Well to me, it’s like a game online where I get to earn as much.”

Instagram is a great platform for the trade of silver jewellery with huge demand from countries like the United States or the Middle East. India is the third largest manufacturer of silver jewellery in the world. Another reason for silver jewellery gaining popularity is because it is cheap in comparison with gold or diamond.

GGC Silver Jewellery, old silver ornament sellers on Instagram mentioned, “The market for us online is booming although we have a shop in Commercial Street – Instagram is a great platform for us too.”

Flaunt basket silver shop owner at GT World Mall in Magadi Road, Bengaluru said, “I have a shop and I earn ample amount of money through my online shop at the same time – be it Instagram or WhatsApp. I get great promotion from Instagram and I am sure, in the future, the virtual world will be the biggest space for any business.”

Flaunt basket owner also added, “I never thought of doing the business online, but thanks to my father who advised me to follow it, I am extremely thankful. Making more money is always a cherry on the cake.”




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