Clash Between Authorities

Bangalore City

After a meeting held by Deputy CM and BBMP, ban on advertisement is quashed but BBMP is stiff on its ‘No Hoardings’ in the city.


One week ago, a meeting was held with Deputy Chief Minister, G. Parmeshwara in which the decision of ban was brought down and advertisement has been allowed. In contrast to this BBMP is stiff on its motto of ‘No Hoardings’ in city. From August 2018, BBMP has banned on hoardings and flexes for all over the city as plastic was being used. To reduce the usage of plastic and pollution, BBMP took this action on August 2018. Due to this drive almost all of the commercial printing shops were shut down as they were not getting the customer. Market of advertisement went down due to the action of BBMP.

A senior official of Finance and Advertisement of BBMP said,’’ the State Government has come up with decision of quashing the ban but BBMP is stiff on its decision of no advertisement in the city. BBMP came into loss due to cut in revenue which was generated by the advertisements. It was mandatory that hoardings and banners should be made of biodegradable material only. Enforcing Authority and law making Authority have clashed over their statements. Even after the Karnataka High Court gave its decision to quash the ban by saying that, by the time BBMP come up with its new regulations for ads it should run normally like before.

There are a lot of printing shops which was running in a good profit. Some shop owners took loan from banks as well for the new equipment. They are not able to pay their monthly installments because of shut down. A printing shop owner near Majestic area said,’’ we can’t run our business; it has been so long that we are not getting printing work. I am still waiting for the decision and that’s why it is very confusing to shift to run any other business. From last some months it became very tough for me to pay my monthly installments of loan which I took from the bank’’.