Students get Merit Scholarships


Bengaluru-based NGO helped bright students across the country to pursue higher studies.

Some 4,946 students from economically weaker sections of Bengaluru have been given scholarships for higher education in the past year by a non-profit governmental organization, the Foundation for Excellence (FFE).

In a report by World Bank Group, 176 million people in India are living in extreme poverty. One in every five Indians is poor. Poverty remains widespread in India. Due to financial issues, many talented children give up on their higher studies and start working at an early age, which not only halts them from achieving education heights but can also be a reason for their slow mental health, comments Anju Dabas, a teacher at the Government School Hebbal in Bengaluru.

The Bengaluru-based NGO, FFE aims to provide financial support to exceptional students and those coming from the economically weaker section of society to pursue their higher studies. Globally, 18,500 students have been given support, as confirmed by Sandhya Manoj, Chief operating officer of FFE.

She also added, “Getting admission to different colleges is not difficult for these students, but paying the fees is. We believe to drive these kids to bring a change not only in their lives but their surroundings as well.”

Syed Ibrahim, who got the scholarship from the FFE says, “Sometimes if my father was not well or if he had to go out of town, I used to miss school to look over my father’s business. After school time, I used to help my father and also managed my studies. Due to my family circumstances, I thought I should continue my father’s business to help him, but he encouraged me to study instead. I worked hard and have come this far. I wanted to join the medical profession because apart from the economic benefit, it will enable me to help others and earn respect in society.”

“Many talented children from economically weaker sections lack opportunities. These organizations are doing a great job by supporting bright students from every corner of our country. We all must try everything in our power to uplift these children,” says Radhika Mehtani, an educator from St. Kabir Academy.