Busking in the City

Arts & Culture Bangalore City

A group of busks promotes art and heritage.

The Church Street of Bangalore is where busking was started by a group of students who call themselves Bangalore Buskers. You can them outside Blossom Book House, typing on their typewriter, playing Ukulele, and singing to strangers.

If you wondered what is busking, it is the art of performing in public places where the returns they get is either in the form of gratitude or people can pay if they are pleased. The busking includes acts like acrobats, animal tricks, juggling, magic, mime art, musical performances, sketching, storytelling, painting, and street theatre.

Rahul Kondi, a typewriter handler, says “I wanted to make writing a part of this group mainly, the whole idea started when I first bought my typewriter. I worked with a creative agency in this city as a designer. I wanted to write about strangers whom I see every day, their stories, state of mind, their likes or anything that starts conservation”.

People say that Kondi makes special notes of poems and spends Saturday evenings outside Blossom, and Sundays exploring other venues in the city, such as co-working spaces, cafeterias, campuses, metro stations, and even the airport.

Shreya Kanodia, a student, says “I come here every week and listen to the buskers. I met Kondi when I was strolling on the streets alone and when I met him he spoke to me and just smile towards me. I was amazed and then he gave me a sheet he typed. It was a beautiful poem that spoke about the ups and downs of life. His Instagram page is everything we need to see in a day.”

About a year ago, Church Street was reborn and so was I. And this holds true for so many other people I’ve met along the way. We’ve all grown with the street. The familiar nooks and corners fill you with nostalgia while the newness makes you hopeful for the future” she added.

Neelkhanth H, Faculty, Shrishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology, says “Kondi and others are from this institute and we have trained them to excel in art. But what they are doing today to conserve and spread awareness about the city, and their efforts to teach strangers about the missing heritage of Bangalore is just amazing. I just wish people again come on roads and walk here and enjoy the city just like old times”.