Students Enlisted to Help

Bangalore City Elections Politics

Retired Justice Santosh Hegde asked the Bangalore youth to be proactive in the upcoming elections.

By Manasi Pawar

Bengaluru, March 26th, 2019

For  the first time  the Bangalore University (BU) organized an election awareness campaign for the Bangalore youth.

Santosh Hegde motivated the students to take part in the elections by finding out bogus voters list in an awareness event organized by the BU:

“Deleting the names of the voters and including bogus voters in the list is a common thing. I ask the youth to find out bogus names of the voters in the voter’s list.”

“A lot of political parties that include fake voters’ list to increase the number of votes”, he added.

Manikanta, studying masters in electronic media, said, “As students, we should take a step to curb anything illegal happening during the elections. Each and every youth of the nation should be aware about what’s happening around them.”

Hegde also spoke about the “None of the above” (NOTA) option in the elections. He said, “In the 2014 elections, a total of 28 constituencies got NOTA majorities, and the next candidate to get more votes after NOTA, was selected. NOTA should be considered by the election commission, if NOTA have the majority votes, no candidate should be declared a winner.”

According to the Election Commission of India (ECI), NOTA option enables a voter to officially register a vote of rejection of all contesting candidates available in the election.

Talking about bogus voters, Hegde said, “What has happened to the public service  commissions? A charge sheet was filed by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) against election officials for bribery.