World Kidney Day

Bangalore City Health

Ramaiah Medical College organized an event today to celebrate ‘World Kidney Day.’ The theme for this year’s Kidney Day was ‘Kidney Health for everyone, everywhere.’

Dr. Shiva Rajkumara was the Chief Guest at the event today who was welcomed by the doctors and professors of the Ramaiah College. The main focus was to raise awareness among the people about Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD). World Kidney Day is a global campaign celebrated on the second Thursday of March every year.

Over 2.4 million deaths per year are caused by kidney ailments worldwide, and it is the sixth leading cause of death. As far as India is concerned, 80 million people suffer from CKD, which is about 6.3 percent of the whole population. Some 230,000 people are affected by End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Dr. Manohar Manas John, assistant professor of the Ramaiah College, talked about the unwelcome trend of kidney disease and how one can fight it. He informed that the hospital organizes camps and screening programs. Recently, 600 people visited the hospital for free screening tests.

He also talked about the risk factors of the disease which includes diabetes, hypertension, stone disease, smoking, and obesity. Dr. John also gave some tips regarding how to prevent the disease, such as keeping regular control of our blood sugar level, monitoring our blood pressure, maintaining a healthy fluid intake, and getting our kidney function checked regularly.

Medha Rao, the dean of the college, said, “The department of nephrology is doing everything for the patients. It is the most dynamic department of the institute.  She concluded the event by asking the people to be cautious about the disease and to get regular checkups for it.