The Struggle of 3D Artists

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Only two major colleges offer degree courses for 3D artists.

Sadly, 3D artists are paid less than other artists despite spending a lot of money learning the computer application required for their art. They initially start with a salary which does not exceed Rs. 9,000 per month.

Vasudev Mudaaliyar, who has been working as a 3D artist in a local start-up says, “I spent around Rs. 2 lakhs on learning the software and I get paid around Rs. 10,000 a month.” He says that the owner of the company thinks that it’s ok to pay less for salaries as the company provides them with the software.

Rahul Pawar, who teaches 3D modelling in a private institute says, “I chose to teach because it pays more than working as a 3D artist. I tell my students that they can learn it for their passion, but if they are choosing it as a profession, then the pay is less.”

There are only two reputed colleges that give a degree for 3D artists and this was started four-five years ago. One college is in Mumbai and one is in Bangalore.

Sayali Jathar, who has secured admission in a degree college, is paying Rs. 1,30,000 as her tuition fees and Rs. 3,000 as exam fees. They have exams four times a year, so the exam fees amount up to Rs. 12,000 per year.  She says, “After three years, of course, we get placements but very few get a good package job.”

Around 250 students are enrolled every year in these degree colleges. These colleges charge more for fees because they have to buy licensed software which is highly expensive.

The employees also opt for freelancing as they can negotiate a price for their work. Raj Jadhav, who works as a freelancer says, “I charge according to the amount of work involved. I undertake around 20-25 projects a month and I earn approximately Rs. 30,000.”