Surprising Scholarships: PES University


Not Paying Information Technology (IT) taxes and still aces the education game; PES University leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

PES University has been in the engineering game for seven years, achieving the top position in the technical field in Karnataka from the state government. They documented that this year a total number of 5,038 students will receive awards amounting to Rs 3.55 crores.

“We give forty percent scholarships every semester“. We also hold two engineering seats for children of war victims,” said Vinay, an Associate Professor, PES University.

The university states that they have spent Rs. 6,86,00,000 on 6,000 students for each semester.

“We don’t pay any special taxes, all our money goes in scholarships “,  said Doreswamy, Founder of PES University

Generally, it’s the students or freshers who wait for interviews or companies to recruit but here PSE University notes that companies wait for six hours to interview one person from their institution.

“We don’t follow caste system or Backward Classes in the society. We just see the merit of the students irrespective of their parents’ income. They may be well stable to pay but we give them scholarships and not only us even other organizations give too which makes us unbiased.

“We also donated Rs. 1.5 crore to the Kodagu and Kerala floods. It’s all from our pockets, no one funds us and we don’t have IT returns certificate”, Doreswamy added.

Observing how the monetary funds come and go without any help so questionable Doreswamy also added those top companies while interning their students pay stipend up to RS. 87,000 a month.



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