Bengaluru City Promotes Electronic Vehicles

City Environment Health

Electronic vehicles awareness program to curb air pollution.

By Esther Esha

Bengaluru, Nov. 23, 2018.

The Transport Department of Bangalore is celebrating the Annual Pollution Awareness Month which is held every year throughout Karnataka in November. This is a special program to educate children and brings awareness regarding air pollution.

Om Kareshwari, The Joint Commissioner of Transport, Environment Department and E-Governance organized the event ‘Bandstand box at Cubbon Park, Press club.’

Bhoomika.G, a 15-year-old girl from Vidhya Shri Public School said, “Animals and plants die due to air pollution, which releases smoke from the vehicles and causes several diseases. If plants are not planted in certain regions then that area is prone to a lot of pollution. Vehicles with batteries would be beneficial.”

6,837 vehicles electronic vehicles are launched and are in use in Bengaluru and in Karnataka, 12,482 electronic vehicles are in use.

There were three electronic vehicles, an autorickshaw, a bike and a scooter displayed for awareness at the event.

Vaibhav. N, a 14-year-old boy from Vidhya Shri Public School said, “These days’, people are using bikes with kerosene so that they could reduce sound while riding the bikes which leads to sound pollution and treats pollution in the air.

The electronic bikes once put to charge can run up to 2.5 units per 100 kilometres and the cost is 15 to 20 rupees.

Lakshmi Chaya. G, a Hindi teacher from B.E.L. High School said, each of the houses in Bangalore has four vehicles approximately that increase pollution and congestion should be this reason. If they wake up early and one person from the family could drop the other one or taking public transportation would be the solution. Vehicular Emission test should be done on time.

She explained that other hazardous gases and chloroform which is released from industries would cause diseases like asthma and pneumonia.