SC/ST Atrocities in Kumbalgudu

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A report states that Bangalore ranks second in atrocities reported against Schedule cast And Schedule Tribes (SC/ST).

Bangalore, Nov. 21, 2018.

A report by the Committee Monitoring and Strengthening SC/ST Act in Karnataka (CMASK) reveals that Kumbalgudu is one the places in Bangalore with the highest number of atrocities reported against SC/ST. The report ranks Bagalkot as first and Bangalore as second in Karnataka for atrocities faced by SC/ST.

Hemesh SN, an auto driver in Kumbalgudu says, “Lots of SC/ST stay in Kumbalgudu but nobody touches them because everyone is scared that they will complain and if they do, the police will arrest them in no time. He also stated that “a lot of people don’t differentiate between castes in Kumbalgudu.”

Geeta, who runs a shop in Kumbalgudu, says “I don’t think such things happen in Kumbalgudu, because I have not experienced any such things here, one or two may be happening unknowingly, but people don’t purposely go and attack SC/ST’s.”

Manjunatha, a writer at the Kumbalgudu police station said that Kumbalgudu has recorded only three cases this year; Last year no cases were recorded and, in 2016, five cases were registered. He says, “There are not a lot of such activities happening in Kumbalgudu.”

On a contrary note, Yashoda P, convener of CMASK, states, “It’s still happening, they (SC/ST) are facing atrocities.”

In India, there is a Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Prevention of atrocities Act, from 1989. Under this act, any person who harms physically or sentiments of SC/ST person or a group shall be punished by the court, with a minimum of six months jail term, to a maximum of seven years jail term. This Act was made to protect the SC/STs, as they are socially and economically challenged  sections of the society.

Anitha Kurup, the Dean of Social Science at the Indian Institute of Science says, “Since a long time SC/ST’s have been facing trouble in India. As they belong to the socially (backward) deprived class, and are seen to be low by the higher class people – they are still experiencing atrocities, but as the culture is changing, we see that they are also improving their standard of living and are treated well by the people.”

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