District Resource Centers to Train Teachers


Tata Institute of Social Sciences helps to set up district resource centers in all districts of Karnataka for academic support.

Bengaluru, Nov.18, 2018.  The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has offered hands to the Department of Primary and Secondary Education to establish District Resource Centers (DRC s) in all the districts of Karnataka. The institute also propounded to provide all support academically that is needed to District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) across the state for building better educational resource centers.

According to SarvaSikshaAbhiyan, Department of Public Instruction, it is decided that there would be one Block Resource Center (BRC) in each community development Block. However in states where the educational blocks have authority which is not superimposed with the community development blocks, then the state might have to have a BRC in a sub-district educational administrative unit.

Thus, the overall expenditure on BRCs and CRCs in a community development block both non-recurring and recurring, would not be more than the overall expenditure that would have been incurred on BRCs and CRCs in case if only one BRC per CD block was opened.

HmingiSailo, Homeroom primary school Teacher, Candor International School, Bengaluru says,” I am a primary school teacher and it is very difficult for us to handle young children. The work is almost double we have to teach the basics first which is sometimes frustrating. Thus such training might help us to control the stress and we can learn different effective techniques to teach children in an easy manner “.

Karnataka recently acquired an Elementary Teacher Education Curriculum that focusses on pre-service education as a self-learning process. TISS also puts emphasis on the need for such training institutes to build strong relationships with schools.

P.C.Jaffer, Commissioner for Public Instruction, Bengaluru says,” TISS will hopefully support the settlement and setting of the resource centers in all DIETs by conducting various workshops once every two months for a year. TISS will work with one DIET in every division “.

HN Gopalakrishna, Director of Karnataka Textbooks Society and DSERT, said “This time we have 30 DIET centers that got approved by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, in addition to that there are also state-approved centers. TISS has proposed to give academic training and guidance. There will be a meeting held with all DIET principals with TISS experts and academicians for a discussion.

The program’s duration will begin in the present academic year and will carry on till August 2020 which will have workshops, monitoring sessions, follow up and various content materials for the teacher to train them.

Aruna Kalyanaraman, Dean of Academics, Candor International school, Bengaluru, says “ As on school teachers starts interacting with the educators they will know the real situation.

These educators might also help teachers to get in touch with new practices and methods for effective teachings. As the teacher will himself have a student-teacher relationship, he will know how to start to teach in the right way.