Ayappa Devotees Angered by Supreme Court Verdict

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Pended agitation by the Karnataka Ayappa Devotees on the decision of the Supreme Court for the women protesters.

The BJP party of Karnataka, in association with the Hindu Aikya Vedi, conducted a protest today at Gandhinagar against the ‘supposed’ atrocities that have been taking place against the devotees of the Ayappa God of the Sabarimala Temple. The protest started at 11 a.m. and the protesters were equally both men and women.

The turnout being around 100 people at the junction, there were police constables on a perimeter. Predominantly filled with BJP sympathizers/supporters, it was led by BJP Lok Sabha member, Shobha Karanraje. Upset by the decision of the Supreme Court on the women protesters and the Ayappa devotees, she said – “Pinarayi Vijayan is committing atrocities on the Ayappa community sect in a way. These atrocities must be stopped. Kids sleeping in dustbins, I had tweeted. Need to make arrangements for devotees to pray. Government is looting the Ayappa temple. Need to make arrangements for food, water. Kerala government is not giving food, water etc. protests are happening in Kerala, Telengana, TN and Andhra over this. We have come out in large numbers. The CP of Pinarayi Vijayan is supporting the women entering the temple.”

[/media-credit] Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s picture pinned during the protest.

BJP Spokesperson, Malvika, said “The Supreme Court has decided to take it further under Article 14; it is a right against discrimination being claimed by the British. Now, the State government, which is elected by these very Sabarimala devotees should have known of their interests and understood their sentiments, and helped them retain their tradition. However, the government failed to do so in the first instance. Thereafter, the court ruled, it was a 4-1 judgment. Interestingly, the only female judge on their panel didn’t agree with the judgment. One must understand that, the entry in Sabarimala is restricted and not prohibited. The women of Kerala decided that they are not very happy with that decision. Mostly, the women who are trying to enter seem to be those who do not care about the tradition.”

[/media-credit] BJP Lok Sabha member, Shobha Karanraje.

BJP Malyalee Cell had a representative as well, State Co-Convener, Madhu Kalamanoor, “Discussion on Kerela govt. Supreme Court verdict on Sept. 28 for girls of all ages. The government has not addressed it. Nobody agrees to it. Not even a lakh goes from 5 crore. Police has arrested devotees. Karma Sena, Malayali, association- customs and traditions must be follows (protest). The Communist govt. is acting this way because Hindus are involved. They wouldn’t do this if it were Christians or Muslims. Those who go are only going there to create trouble. ”

[/media-credit] Female Protesters at the podium of the event.

Ranjeet Nair, a BJP supporter and Ayappa Devotee, says – “Because so many are sitting here, we can see what the situation in Kerala is like. Many young women, those who are sitting here are against this verdict. So you have to realize the ground reality. You don’t go for the constitutional law; you have to see the ground reality of how the Ayappa devotees are protesting against this. Only a few people, who call themselves feminists… actually, feminism is beyond what they say. That’s the good side. Actually, some people who want to create problems went there. By taking the support of this verdict, they want to get publicized. Go to Kerala, Andhra, you can see thousands of ladies who are on the road against this verdict. That’s the main thing. BJP National Leadership is supporting this.”