Electric Scooters Promote Cleaner Technology

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Fae Bikes app launches in the city that runs on electricity for much lesser than other public transport

Bengaluru, Oct.11, 2018:To take the initiative of cleaner technologies and improvising Information Technology with transportation, Fae Bikes has introduced around 120 scooters in the city that run on electricity plug-in and electric batteries that contributes in reducing air pollution.

Bengaluru known as the garden city ironically ranks fourth in polluted air ,according to the latest data of 2016 collected by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. The main reason as per the research paper published by Indian Institute of Science confirms that vehicular pollution and use of petrol and diesel causes emissions of harmful gases like CO 2 and NO2 largely results in air pollution.

With scooter service, the start-up also has fast charging stations – two in BTM Layouts, and one each in Electronics City and HSR Layout. Fae Bikes was started to promote no fuel goal and sustainable use of energy.

Yugraj Shukla, CEO of Fae Bikes said,” We have further plans of partnering with solar companies to promote solar charging scooters. This initiative is much more comfortable as we have fast-charging stations that charge the scooters very easily. We even spoke to BBMP for providing energy from the grid. We started this app on July 17, 2018, with government grant.”

The second co-founder, Dheeraj Reddy, said, “We are planning for 200 more charging stations in the coming six months. We have automated kit and one time password to start the bike run by the IOT technology. The batteries which are used to charge the bikes are chargeable for up to six hours. One battery provides one and half unit of energy which means the rate charged per km based on the battery is 10 to 20 paisa per kilometre.”

“His start-up believes electric mobility is the future and will create an ecosystem called last mile connectivity which will be sustainable.” Customer Suresh M says,” The service was very good and timely as well.  The employees are very cooperative and professional. I loved the service and will try again definitely. The bike is just like any other bike, the only difference is it’s smoother as it doesn’t emit any smoke, and instead of petrol bunk it needs a ride to a charging station.”

The scooters can run up to 100 to 110 km/hr. It charges 3 Rs per kilometre and the scooters start without a key.

KavithaM, a travel agent from Travelexperts in Bombay says,” This initiative, of course will be a change as petrol prices are going up. It will be Eco-friendly as it can reduce pollution. People can travel easily as this might be the cheapest mode in the near future. Transportation cost is very high in metropolitan cities which shall make young entrepreneurs come up with such great start-up ideas.


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