No Water Supply to HBR Layout for Months


Residents complain that even one day of infrequency causes a dry-spell in their homes.

Bengaluru, Sept. 18, 2018: The infrequency of water supply by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) in HBR layout has residents and shopkeepers alike in distress. The people rose in protest on September 1 regarding this matter.

The protest held near Ring Road, HBR Layout, saw the assembly of around 180 people who bought buckets and matkas with them as a sign of protest against the BWSSB.

Mashood Naushad, a café owner, said that the water supply in the area is very infrequent. The people here are extremely dependent on water tankers. Another shopkeeper, Sampath Ayengar, who also resides in the area, said that the water supplied by the pipes at home is available only two days a week, Monday and Thursday. If they don’t get water to meet daily needs on these two days, they have to ration the little water they have even more than they generally do.

Adding more to the matter, G. Kuruvila, a town planner said,”Due to substantial amount of rainfall this year, there shouldn’t be the need for water supply from tankers at all. Cauvery River was dry last year but this year there’s no such problem. The only reason for this situation could be that the BWSSB is rationing water for future supplies, or money is being distributed to private contractors who are trying to monopolize water supply in HBR layout.”

Image courtesy – Madan Prasad’s Twitter handle