Bengaluru Murders Diminishing

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The recent statistics on the murder rate in Bengaluru show a satisfactory decline

Bengaluru, Sept. 18, 2018 : After the latest murder statistics were released by The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for 2016, it shows that the murder rate has declined 10.4 percent, with a total of 229 cases reported.

Looking at the crime numbers in India in 2016, the total contribution of crimes in Bengaluru is 8.9 percent.

“There is a decrease in the present crime rate compared to 2104-15 where it was a total of 2500 crimes. This happened when Madiwala was divided in separate stations for areas like HSR layout, Begur, Bandepalya and Sadi gudi playa. It has become easier to trace cases and managing a smaller part of the area”, said R. Revanna, Investigation officer at the Madiwala police station.

The average percentage per month in 2017 was 46.2 whereas the average percentage per month in 2018 is 25 – a difference of 21.2 percent.


Area Jan.-Aug (2017) Jan.-Aug (2018)
1)    Kengeri 6 1
2)    Madiwala 2 0
3)    Jayanagar 1 2
4)    Indiranagar 4 1


Going by the statistics, Mahesh K, Sub-inspector at the Kengeri police station said, “There is a lot of garbage deposited in the nearby river, and the six murders that happened were found in the dump beside the river. The murders were registered while the PS vehicle checkpoint was introduced later. There are a total of three checkpoints, Dubarpalya, Kodipalya, Kummanaghatta Road, and this made the checking and investigation easy.

[/media-credit] Graph: statistics of number of murders from January to August 2017 and 2018 in major areas in Bengaluru

According to police officials, the main reasons behind murders were gain, rivalry, and family disputes.

Anthony Raj, Assistant sub-inspector at the Jayanagar police station said, “The main murder that happened back in 2017 was caused by a major family dispute where the husband shot his wife. This type of crime falls under personal grudges.

Jayanagar being a commercial place, the mob is always new and keeps moving, and there is no proper parking and security, creating a much greater risk of crimes.”

Rasha, a resident of Madiwala said, “I saw a friend who had been murdered in my locality for some monetary issues. Previously the shops used to be open till 1 am, but now they are closed by 11 pm and the police patrols are more frequent. There are fewer murders now.“

T.P Vipin, a criminologist said, “The murder rates have decreased because there are obvious stringent measures taken by the police. Also, there is no scope of fudging numbers. Bigger the city, bigger the crime. It’s not only Bengaluru; this is the story of every Indian city. Every single time we see a new dimension in crimes in every city. But, there is less number of cases registered and the registered ones are put into the investigation as soon as possible. With all these measures, this is the result. Madiwala and Jayanagar have high crime rates, but there is a decline in their statistics.