Waterlogging in the streets of Russell Market; commuters travel in knee-deep water.

City Environment

Pedestrians, street vendors, and Auto rickshaw drivers are mostly affected.

Bengaluru, Aug. 21, 2018: The street vendors of Shivaji Nagar Circle in Russell Market face commuting problems during monsoon due to water logging on the streets and bad hygiene conditions.

Ali Mohammad, a banana seller, and Noushad Mohammad, an auto driver, said that the area was waterlogged the day before yesterday, after it rained. They also said that they have seen two women slip and fall into the knee-deep water injuring themselves while trying to walk down the street.

According to them, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) has done nothing as the water disperse after some hours but the trash  remains and is not cleaned.

We did not get any comments on this matter from the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB).

Zubbair, another auto driver, said that the water enters the exhaust pipe of his rickshaw when he tries to drive through the street. He further adds that the waterlogged street damages his and other auto driver’s vehicles.

He saw people carrying their children on their backs, as the water was so deep that the children could have drowned while trying to walk down the street on their own.