Vehicular Thefts In Halsuru On A Rise


Vehicular Theft cases increase, Halsuru police takes extra measures to reduce rate.

Bengaluru, Aug. 23, 2018: Halsuru is reported to be popular in terms of vehicular thefts. Only 26 vehicles were retrieved by the police in the time frame from January 2017- to July 2018 when approximately 102 vehicles were stolen, according to the City Crime Records Bureau (CCRB). Under Section 378 of the IPC, “Theft” is defined as “Whoever, intending to take dishonestly any movable property out of the possession of any person without that person’s consent, moves that property in order to such taking, is said to commit theft.”

[/media-credit] Vehicles parked right outside the Halsuru Metro Station, 10 metres away from the police station, under a no-parking sign.

CCRB statistics show that the rate of vehicular theft taking place all over the city of Bengaluru has been escalating over the years.Reportedly,5,842 vehicles have been stolen in total out of which only 1,511 were recovered in 2016. While on the other hand,6,154 vehicles were stolen and 1,500 were recovered in 2018, and up to 2,155 vehicles were stolen until July of this year, with 424 being recovered.

According to the Senior Inspector of the Halsuru Police Station, Subramaniah, “Night beats are being conducted during odd hours, closing of roads after peak hours, enquiries and investigations from previously arrested thieves and other private (Try using any other word that can be used instead of ‘personal’?) Sources are being used  in order to reduce the increasing rate and to  curb the extent of theft.

Officials mentioned that the sale of stolen vehicular ‘parts in markets like Chorbazaar, Shivaji Nagar, JC Road, Majestic and Kalashypalayam makes it more difficult for the officials to track it down, as the parts of the stolen vehicles are often quickly dismantled and sold off within a short time period and this makes it extremely difficult to track the vehicles. Even its individual parts, seals and other manufacturing marks are removed before they are sold.

Owners of the stolen vehicles go through a major struggle and disadvantages as the recovery rate of such stolen vehicles is low and extremely slow as well, with two-wheeler theft topping the list of vehicle thefts. 5,379 vehicles were stolen in 2016, 5,756 vehicles in 2017, and 2,011 vehicles till July of this year, with the recovery of 1,349 vehicles in 2016, 1,396 vehicles in 2017, and 384 vehicles in 2018 (July). The officials from the Traffic Commissioner’s division at Infantry Road claimed that the documentation of the vehicles and strict checking at traffic points is helping in reducing the rates and that the thefts are being curbed at a big rate.