Bangalore becomes microflight fliers’ nest


Adventure enthusiasts are heading to Bangalore for aero sports, given the varied forms of activities provided in the city.

Bangalore, April 13, 2018: Microflight fliers flock to Bangalore as the city gains popularity as the hub of aerosports in the country.

States like Rajasthan and Gujarat provide activities like ballooning and paramotoring but Bangalore successfully serves an all round combination of all kinds of aero sports.

Vinitha, Cofounder of Bangalore Aerosports said, “Bangalore is the hub in many ways because it’s very popular for microlight flying. It is the only place that has it.”

She also added that another attraction is the fact that Bangalore Aerosports is the only facility in the country which not only provides microlight flying as an activity, but also trains people who wish to learn.

People generally tend to take activities like paragliding, parasailing given they are not time consuming and costly. Overall, these activities witness nearly 30-40 people coming in a month at one facility.

Santhosh, Business Development Manager at Sportobuddy, a platform which provides consumers the option to book the adventure activities, said that most people choose Bangalore for adventure activities because the facilities are new, adding, that the platform receives almost 20 to 30 registrations on weekends.

Udit, an adventure enthusiast said he chose Bangalore for adventure sports instead of other places because it offers variety of aerosports.