Vellara Junction shops prepare to give way to Namma Metro’s Redline


One of the shops to be re-located is the famous 60-year-old Fatima Bakery

Bangalore, April 9, 2018: Old order changes, making way for new. This holds true for the many shops, some as old as six decades, who have to relocate to other places for Namma Metro’s Vellara Junction station on the Red Line.

Fatima Bakery, one of Bangalore’s iconic eateries tops the list of the shops to shift. “This bakery was started by my late father V P Francis and for some 60 years we are running this bakery. Last year I was pretty shocked when we got the notice of shutting down the bakery for the construction of an upcoming metro line,” said VF David, owner of the Bakery.

“The land was acquired by the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) on March 29, 2018, and they have given us notice to shift from this place as soon as possible so, and the officials said that they are going to give compensation for shifting but haven’t mentioned the proper amount. Soon I will talk to the officials about it,” David adds.

U A Vasanth Rao, Chief public relations officer, BMRCL said,  “We have acquired the land and we will start working on this project by end of July. We will have a discussion on the compensation with Mr. David and within two months, hopefully everything will be in place.”

David said that he was looking for places in Richmond Town among others to shift the Bakery to.

Janaja, a staff at the Fatima bakery expressed her displeasure by saying,“ They should have informed earlier rather than all of a sudden. People are thinking that we have shut down our bakery as news articles stated that the bakery is going to be shut down but that’s not true. Because of this our sale has also dropped from last year’s.”

She added. “Our sales for both Easter and Good Friday used to be really good but because of this rumoured closing down nobody is coming to buy anything “.

Other properties like Toms’ Hotel, Daniel Auto Garage and a Lucky lady’s parlour which are located perpendicular to Campbell road may have to leave the place too.

Rani, staff at Lucky lady parlour said “we were given the notice for demolition in November and by August we have to vacate the land but we are searching for other places to set up the parlour again”.

Jose, owner of Toms’s Hotel, , said, “We were given notice in December last year but till now the land hasn’t been acquired but I think they might soon send another notice”.

Santosh, an employee at the petrol pump at the Shoolay Circle said, “The work will start from August. We are mentally prepared for the demolition.”


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  1. It’s better future for the public. But at the same time proper compensation must be provided the traders ran the business for past sixty years. Please keep in mind they have to find a good commercial place to start their new business in a new place. The investment will be more .

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