Government Aquarium gets Rs. 6 lakh renovation

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However, visitors may have to wait for new varieties of fish or to see the inside of the Aquarium well-lit.


Bangalore, March 15, 2018: The Government Aquarium in Cubbon Park is getting a Rs. 6 lakh make-over but only on the outside. But we need to wait for sometime before we can see the in-house aquatic life in better light.

“We are only working on the outside and will consider the interior later. The ticket prices remain unchanged and there won’t be any new kind of fish. The exterior walls will get new paintings of fish to make it more attractive and the tank more presentable,” said Dr. Vikas S J, manager of the Aquarium.

The building structure is set to get an extra parapet, flatter and smoother walkway because most of the visitors were common to both the aquarium and Bal Bhavan which is adjacent to it.

One of the masons at the spot said, “They have asked us to level the entrance by filling in cement wherever there is a gap, so the children do not trip and fall.”

The work is expected to be finished by the first week of April and the estimated cost of Rs. 6 lakhs is fully funded by the Government of Karnataka through the Department of Fisheries.

“This is a preventive measure that the department has taken up, because the building is 35 years old and required re-work,” said Dr. Vikas.

Tanushree Doshi, a visitor said “I was unaware of this renovation, but I am sure this will be of great help to the public. I have read articles which say the aquarium is shabbily maintained maybe that is why the department has decided to initiate this. So, all in all it will be for the good.”