City organization rallies for peace in Syria; urges government to intervene

City International

Members of the Bangalore Peace Organization condemned the atrocities against the children in Syria

Bangalore, March 15 2018: Members of the Bangalore Peace Organization protested in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue near Anand Rao Circle today condemning the recent violence  in Syria.

The organization is going to submit a petition to the Bangalore District Collector today requesting the intervention of the Indian government in the Syrian crisis.

Rafi Dharwadkar, Chairman of the Bangalore Peace Organization said, “We express our solidarity to the people of Syria and condemn the massacre of elders and children in the country. All we want is the restoration of peace in Syria.”

Other protesting members called for greater unity within the Muslim community of the world. This comes after the war entered its eighth year and has killed more than 4,65,000 people.