MLAs spent most money on infrastructure

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A report from BPAC reveals the top spends of 27 assembly constituencies in Bangalore.

Bangalore, 27 February 2018: Infrastructure, water, education, sewage and drain, and sports and youth services were the top five spends of MLAs under the local area development scheme, says report from Bangalore Political Action Committee (BPAC)
Out of the 208 Crores which was at the MLAs’ disposal, 20 percent went to infrastructure, 18 percent went to water, 11 percent went to education, seven percent went to sewage and drain, and five percent went to sports and youth services, says the fund utilization report on 27 Bangalore assembly constituencies.

The webpage shows the detailed fund utilization breakup of the MLAs under their local area development scheme for the years between 2013 and 2017.

Ms. Revathy Ashok, Managing Trustee and CEO, BPAC said that it is important for the citizen to know what their MLAs are doing for a better transparency between the government and people.

Ms. Ashok added, “Because of the non-availability of any such data (earlier), we have done a study from the last four years because elections are near”.

Ms Revathy said,” This initiative will make local politicians more accountable to citizens”.

The Local Area Development scheme is a framework enables each MLA to undertake development work in their constituency through the allocated funds.
The data released by BPAC have been reviewed by the respective MLAs of the area. A member of BPAC Ananda Gundu Rao said, “Information about the local MLA spending has been falling off the radar and no one is asking questions about it. This is the first step in that direction that we are placing the data”.

“We want to go further with these steps in the future”, he added.