Hosanagara sees an exodus to Bangalore


The population of the Taluk has been decreasing because people in Hosanagara do not find enough jobs locally.

“The quality of education is good in Hosanagara but the basic thinking of the people around here is that, after completion of their studies, they want to do something better with their livesand as there are no big companies near here or no fair job opportunity they rather  go to Bangalore or Dubai,” explained Uzma, Math Teacher from the Government Higher Secondary School(GHSS) in Hosanagara.

Shiv Kumar , the English teacher at the school, explains, “The basic problem is urbanization.They study hard to take part in the competition which is fair enough for living a good life and earning a livelihood. Urbanization is creating an environment where new thinking can be developedand in the process of globalisation, the youth have found the way to take their dreams higher.”
“If students have a business and an opportunity to expand their family business, they continue with it. But if their familydepend on agriculture as a source livelihood,they choose to migrate attempt to make their life prosperous,” said Hidayathulla, science teacher from GHSS.