Kacharakanahalli Slum to be relocated, no land allotted yet


Bangalore, October 6, 2017: The slum situated on the Kacharakanahalli Lake in HBR layout is being relocated. However, land has not yet been allocated for the relocation.

Padmanabh, Executive Engineer of Karnataka Slum Development Board (KSDB), said that the Kacharakanahalli slum is being relocated but the government land is yet to be allotted. The Board has sent a letter seeking the relocation to the Revenue Department of the Karnataka Government.  He further mentioned, “The land that is being considered is very far from Bangalore city, around 30-40 kms. The land allocation has not been finalized yet.”

The slum dwellers do not have toilet facilities. This is because the law states that no developmental activity shall take place on a Tank Bed area. Mouna Shree, a resident of the slum told The Softcopy that residents have to use open fields beside the slum area.

Issac Arul Selva, editor of Slum Jagattu, said that the Kacharakanahalli Slum comes under the Section 11 of Karnataka Slum Clearance and Improvement Act which speaks about the rehabilitation of the slums.  Mr Selva mentioned that the KSDB should have studied the original map of the slum area before declaring it under Section 11. He further added that the Government must first provide the slum with basic amenities before relocating it.

Renuka, a slum dweller said that Slum Development Board did not inform residents that they are being relocated.

Pankaj Yadav, Urban Planner, said that the slum needs to be redeveloped and not relocated since the dwellers work around the area. Commuting to their work place after relocation will be problematic.  He further said that if needed, the slum needs to be relocated in an area around their workplace of the dwellers.

The relocation of the slum comes under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY), hence the budget will be allocated from the central and state budget.  The central budget allotted under the PMAY scheme was raised to Rs 23,000 Crores from Rs 15,000 Crores from the 2016 budget.


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